Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hey e-Spender

I received my first request for a topic! So without further ado...

Best online shopping sites

So here are the sites I rate most for online shopping:

By now you really have no excuse for not knowing Asos. A British website in origin, Asos sells many, many clothes for men. They not only have their own affordable Asos brand clothes, but they sell a selection of clothes from dozens of different brands ranging. Everything from Gap menswear to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.

Asos also release discount codes from time to time in various different ways. If you haven't done so already, BECOME AN ASOS FAN ON FACEBOOK. This is the best way to keep track of discount codes for Asos as they normally post any they do release on their facebook page. They also quite often post free standard or next-day delivery codes there but they last only for a few hours.
Currently they offer free returns on all items, as well as free delivery over £75 and free next-day delivery over £100, so if you don't have to worry about things not fitting!

Vente Privee
This is a much lesser known website. It's members only, but membership is free so it's not a big hurdle. It sells many brands, lots of which are designer and expensive, but for a fraction of the price.
It works by having sales every now and then, letting you know beforehand via email. Each sale lasts for a few days, and each sale will be for a particular brand (for example Balmain, Ralph Lauren etc). The only catch is that stock is limited so you need to be VERY quick off the mark.
I have used this site myself (got a pair of Balmain boots for £35, over 80% off the RRP) and they are completely safe to use.
One thing worth mentioning: the stock they sell is usually stuff they haven't gotten YET, so may be delivered weeks after you order it. A small price to pay for the price tag though tbh.
OH and be careful about sizing, because it's a French website and stocks lots of foreign brands you will need to check sizes before buying, especially for footwear.

Almost exactly as above. This site has brands which are more high-street than designer (they had a Baracuta sale until very recently, and a Diesel sale is scheduled to start in 9 days), but it's all worth it if you manage to get something you want (I got a pair of Alexander McQueen for Puma trainers, which currently sell for £170 0n Asos, for £60).

Kind of like Asos, except much more focused on bigger designers like Armani, Marc Jacobs etc. Normally has a fair few things reduced, and the prices are generally cheaper than the RRP (although for some designers even a big reduction doesn't make them cheap!). Again I have ordered from them myself so can vouch for them.

There are lots of other great websites I use but they're all more specialised (i.e. sell just one brand).

Here are some that get an honourable mention:
Tobi - American site, like Urban Outfitters only much better
Equip - nice little site that sells men's accessories
House of Fraser
John Lewis - mentioned not for clothes, but for accessories and general items

For my next post I will see if I can't rustle up something about on-trend footwear. Or maybe accessories. Stay tuned people!

Reiss S/S 2010

So Reiss have launched their new line for Spring/Summer 2010.

The website hasn't been fully updated yet but there's much more available in-store (perused my local Reiss earlier today) and it's not looking half bad. Their new 1971 line (launched last season) is still going strong, although last season is going to be tough to beat.

Anywho here are some of my favourite pieces (images from

Reiss Whitton - zip-through knit. Recently featured in GQ in a feature on what the stylish gent should pack for travelling (albeit mislabelled as £220 (it's actually £89) and in a beige colour). You honestly can't go wrong with navy as it's so bloody versatile and goes well with almost everything.

Reiss Wainwright - cotton waistcoat. I like waistcoats. There, I said it. I know lots of people tend to smirk at waistcoats and think they're cringingly indie/scene, but dammit they look GOOD. The lapels on this aren't a normal feature on waistcoats but they really work here (or at least I think so). The pockets on waistcoats always amuse me though, as if you really have any use for some of the smallest pockets on Earth (and NO you can't use them for change because it will bulge and you'll look deformed). I digress.
As someone who believes in layers I will definitely be saving my pennies for this.

Reiss Askean - dark blue stripe shirt. If there's one thing I love more than vertical striped shirts it's contrasting collars and cuffs on shirts. I preferred the shirts Reiss did last season but I must say I do quite like this one.

So as I mentioned I was at Reiss today, specifically to get a belt. For some reason I have never gotten round to buying a smart belt before, but as I have a pending interview I thought I probably should:
Reiss Mews - brown/black belt. So, what colour belt should I get? I mean generally I wear outfits with more brown than black, but my only suits are dark navy or black. I know, how about a REVERSIBLE belt? It's two belts in one! All you do is pull the buckle hard, and just rotate it round. Now THIS should have been in that GQ article.

AND THEEEEEN. I got distracted by the lingering sale items and bought this:
Reiss Cognac - studded belt. Reduced from £45 to £20! It will go very nicely with the preppy-biker look I have been cultivating since I acquired a black leather biker jacket in the Xmas sales.

And one day closer to my eventual bankruptcy. You know you should cut back on the shopping when you walk into a shop and three sales assistants recognise you by name. Budgeting fail.

Hello World

Dear Christ I have a blog.

This is my first blog. Clearly my worst fears about my relevence in life are about to be exposed.

I am writing under the elusive moniker of Pad. Mainly because I typo-ed and on second glance I actually prefer it. Also it makes me sound much cooler than I actually am.

So welcome to my blog. I am planning on writing about mens fashion. Over the past however long it has been since I have gotten into fashion, I have noticed that there are very few blogs/websites/ANYTHING dedicated to male fashion. I mean don't get me wrong I have nothing against the ladies, but CBA trawling through mountains of photos/articles about/for women (yes that's right Sartorialist I'm looking at you). So I thought I would write one myself.

This is going to go horribly wrong but what the hell.

p.s. I'm aware Style Boy is a terrible name, but it was the lesser of many other evils.